Great Ocean Road Private Tours

Great Ocean Road Private Luxury Tours was launched to help ignite your imagination, fuel your adventurous spirit and feed your travel addiction.

Get ready to explore over 243 kilometres of the world’s most pristine coastline, along the south-eastern coast of Australia and go off the beaten track in pure luxury, to experience some of the hidden inland magic of the Otways.


Why Tour With Us?

  • 100% Customised Itinerary Packages – We have one or multi day options and our experienced guides have tonnes of suggestions, but ultimately you dictate what kind of experience you’d like!


  • We Don’t Say ‘Luxury’ Lightly – In-vehicle WiFi, spacious Mercedes Benz seating. Luxury hotel stays available, plus delicious meals available the whole way.


  • The Most Experienced Guides – Our guides Matt and Damien grew up in the area and know the Great Ocean Road like the backs of their hands. After taking countless friends on trips they were asked by friend of friend tourists, and word of mouth of their adventures and expertise has grown so much they had no choice but to create their own experience just for you!